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Staff, Citizen. "Ypsilanti celebrates National Bookmobile Day."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 6, 2010, sec. Community.
District Library offers free books, crafts next Wednesday.

DuChene, Dan. "Huge turnout at Marshmallow Drop."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 29, 2010, sec. Community.
Jaycees organize Easter fun for kids, help charities.

Gomez, David. "Easter Bunny brings eggs, marshmallows to Frog Island."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 26, 2010, sec. Community.
Ypsi Jaycees host fun for kids, help less fortunate Saturday.

Gomez, Dave. "Good turnout for Depot Town pet parade."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 23, 2010, sec. Community.
More turn out than expected for inaugural event.

Gomez, David. "Local developer wins award, praises team."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 18, 2010, sec. Community.
Beal says negotiations still continuing on Thompson Block.

Staff, Citizen. "Mutts March in Ypsilanti parade."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 15, 2010, sec. Community.
Saturday event to benifit Humane Society of Huron Valley.

Mason, Nkosi. "Another person's treasure displayed at 'Will Build to Suit'."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 15, 2010, sec. Community.
RAC exhibition runs through March 27.

Gomez, David. "Seed Starting Squad helps community, teaches skills."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 11, 2010, sec. Community.
Growing Hope uses greenhouse to grow in winter months.


Gomez, David. "Lots to do on St. Patrick’s Day in Ypsilanti."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 8, 2010, sec. Community.
Pet parade scheduled weekend after bars, restaurants offer specials.

Gomez, David. "Dreamland Tonight debuts."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 2, 2010, sec. Community.
Local blogger's puppet hosts local variety show.

Ziegler, Adrienne. "Local writer pens book on Ypsilanti history."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 26, 2010, sec. Community.
Amazon.com sells out of ‘Tales from the Ypsilanti Archives’ on release date.

Gomez, David. "Cafe Luwak wins Chili Challenge."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 23, 2010, sec. Community.
Event raises more than $1,700 for local charity.

Gomez, David. "Depot Town businesses battle for chili champion."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 17, 2010, sec. Community.
Challenge to raise money for local charity Sunday.

Laughren, Christine. "Ford Lake Frozen Leap: 'insanity' for good cause."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 15, 2010, sec. Community.
Event raises $6,000 for American Heart Association.

Ziegler, Adrienne. "Ypsilanti firefighters look to grant to save jobs."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 10, 2010, sec. Community.
Chief asks residents to send letters of support.

Gomez, David. "Entrepreneurs flock to Ypsi."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 9, 2010, sec. Community.
Local entrepreneurs to share success stories, advice at Friday conference.


Gomez, David. "Ford Lake Frozen Leap returns."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 5, 2010, sec. Community.
Event to raise money for American Heart Association.

Jett, Charnika. "Ypsilanti kombucha tea business takes off."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 4, 2010, sec. Community.
Unity Vibration Kombucha distribution growing.

Gomez, David. ""Shoulder to the Wheel" offers entertaining look at American experience."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 30, 2010, sec. Community.

Gomez, David. "Simply deVine closing doors in February."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 29, 2010, sec. Community.
Ypsilanti DDA looking for ways to help local retailers stay open.

DuChene, Dan. "U.S. Census kicks off in Ypsilanti."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 22, 2010, sec. Community.
Nation-wide count brings 1,000 jobs to area.

Gomez, David. "Ypsilanti High School winter drumline team collecting money for uniforms."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 22, 2010, sec. Community.
Bottle, can drive this Saturday.

Gomez, David. "College Place street repairs begin in summer."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 21, 2010, sec. Community.
Work scheduled to finish early September.

Laughren, Christine. "Ypsilanti dentist offers free dental exams for children."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 20, 2010, sec. Community.
Event part of national campaign.

Ypsilanti Historical Society

Perkins, Tom. "Mittenfest IV earns more than $11,000 for 826Michigan."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 4, 2010, sec. Community.
Four day music festival draws more than 1,000 to Ypsilanti.

Gomez, David. "Mittenfest IV: ‘The ultimate fundraiser’."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 28, 2009, sec. Community.
Four-day event benefiting 826 Michigan begins Thursday.

Jett, Charnika. "Ypsilanti Christmas Dinner to serve hundreds."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 21, 2009, sec. Community.
Wednesday event at Korey's Krispy Krunchy Chicken in downtown Ypsilanti.

Gomez, David. "Ypsi DDA Promotions Committee begins planning for next year."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 15, 2009, sec. Community.
Winter event, Valentine's Day, Halloween, pub crawl discussed.

Perkins, Tom. "Families visit Santa, help charity."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 12, 2009, sec. Community.
Event raises truck-load of food, 200 blankets for needy.

Gomez, David. "Ypsilanti High School students score free books."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 11, 2009, sec. Community.
National Football League donates to Washtenaw County schools.

Perkins, Tom. "Rumors of Cafe Luwak closing put to rest."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 9, 2009, sec. Community.
Owner on lookout for business partner to share work load.

, Laughren, Christine. "Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels closer to fundraising goal."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 8, 2009, sec. Community.
Non-profit collects funds from Holiday Home Tours, Subaru's 'Share the Love'.


Laughren, Christine. "Winter Shadow Art takes interactive to new level."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 7, 2009, sec. Community.
Organizers, attendees give fair two thumbs up .

Laughren, Christine. "Ypsilanti's Winter Shadow Art Fair to bring dancing gorillas, reindeer poop."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 3, 2009, sec. Community.
Abundance of experimental art planned for Saturday.

Gomez, David. "Ypsilanti businesses encourage shoppers to buy local."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 30, 2009, sec. Community.
Starlight Spree, other events promote area commerce.

Perkins, Tom. "‘Blanket Express’ provides warm holiday season."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 16, 2009, sec. Community.
Three Ypsilanti residents gather blankets, canned goods for needy.

Perkins, Tom. "Youth perform 'Twisted Tales'."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 14, 2009, sec. Community.
Troupe continues show through weekend .

Laughren, Christine. "Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels struggles with funding."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 13, 2009, sec. Community.
Wait list created as revenue shrinks, need increases.

Perkins, Tom. "We salute you."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 11, 2009, sec. Community.
Concordia ceremony honors veterans.

Jett, Charnika. "Halloween comes early downtown."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 28, 2009, sec. Community.
Friday’s festival promises family fun.


Laughren, Christine. "Prospect Park group receives recognition."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 21, 2009, sec. Community.
State-wide non-profit awards plaque for beautification efforts.

Jett, Charnika. "Discalanti Open flies in Ypsi."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 7, 2009, sec. Community.
Disc golf tournament organized to help local charity.

Laughren, Christine. "Solar Ypsi moves forward."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 6, 2009, sec. Community.
Food co-op included in state-wide tour Saturday.

Laughren, Christine. "Bulk leaf collection ends, Ypsi says mulch."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 5, 2009, sec. Community.
Clinic scheduled for Oct. 31.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "Video contest to showcase Ypsi."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 25, 2009, sec. Community.
Area amateur filmmakers invited to compete .

Laughren, Christine. "Songwriters unite."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 24, 2009, sec. Community.
Ypsilanti Songwriting Festival brings day of activities.

DuChene, Dan. "Powwow held to heal, inform."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 20, 2009, sec. Community.
Inspiring story leads to music, dance in Riverside Park.

Laughren, Christine. "New Community Center programming begins Monday."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
'Talk of the Neighborhood' touches on variety of different projects.


DuChene, Dan. "Growing Hope tours Ypsi."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 16, 2009, sec. Community.
Event highlights work, progress in community.

Jett, Charnika. "Energy Outlet serves up retail, educational space for green movement."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 14, 2009, sec. Community.
Location offers information, products to decrease energy use, improve efficiency.

Jett, Charnika. "Author's 'bread' speaks for homeless."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 12, 2009, sec. Community.
Reception today for book, photographs at Shankwiler 123.

Laughren, Christine. "The Jamboree: 'A first-class festival' ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 8, 2009, sec. Community.
Organizers wait for final numbers, look to improve for next year.

Laughren, Christine. "Ypsilanti's CEC awarded $15 million grant."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 7, 2009, sec. Community.
Funds to displace, reduce fossil fuel, vehicle emissions .

Jett, Charnika. "Two-day music festival marks end of summer."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 2, 2009, sec. Community.
'The Jamboree' begins Friday afternoon, ends Saturday evening.

staff, Citizen. "Crowd braves rain to finish three-day festival."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 25, 2009, sec. Community.
Contest winners announced Sunday afternoon.

Jett, Charnika. "New restaurant brings spice to downtown Ypsi."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 24, 2009, sec. Community.
Kory’s Krispy Krunchy Chicken opens in former Buffalo Wild Wings location.

Ypsilanti Historical Society

Curmi, Josh. "Leaping vaulters come to Frog Island."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 21, 2009, sec. Community.
Pole vaulting event scheduled for Saturday.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "Arts center celebrates centennial."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 20, 2009, sec. Community.
Former Masonic temple now Riverside Arts Center.

Jett, Charnika. "Cafe Racer opens doors in Depot Town."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 18, 2009, sec. Community.
Motorcycle repair, retail, coffee shop draws large crowd for grand opening.

staff, Citizen. "Ypsilanti readies for '09 Heritage Festival."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
Festivities start Thursday evening, continue through Sunday.

Laughren, Christine. "Historical Society showcased for '09 Heritage Fest."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
Festival dedicated to museum, archives dedicated .

DuChene, Dan. "We're going downtown."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
Events abound in merchant's district.

Jett, Charnika. "Precious pets."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
Jaycees continue competition this year.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "Pedal power."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
Bike-friendly considerations continue at Heritage Festival.


Laughren, Christine. "What's going down in Depot Town."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
Live music, beer garden add to regular festivities.

Laughren, Christine. "Discover power of green."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
Green Tent returns to heritage festival.

Laughren, Christine. "Nightmares Cruise in Depot Town."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
Contestants compete for $2,000 top prize, awarded to worst looking vehicle.

, DuChene, Dan. "Downtown's Devil Ducky Derby."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
Merchants push for more activities, sales.

Jett, Charnika. "Ypsi's got talent ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
Molly Hunt shows off at festival.

DuChene, Dan. "Tours de Ypsi."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
Home, garden, walking tours throughout weekend.

DuChene, Dan. "Children’s events."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
Fun for kids at Heritage Festival.

Hudson, Lamar, and, Peterson, Katherine, Winick,, Matt, Mason,, Nkosi. "The business side of arts ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 14, 2009, sec. Community.
Local teens to showcase talents, skills.


Laughren, Christine. "Community picnic rained out."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 10, 2009, sec. Community.
Organizers to consider rescheduling for late Sept..

Mason, Nkosi. "CoPAC community picnic scheduled for Saturday."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 7, 2009, sec. Community.
Free food, activities, information on neighborhood associations available.

DuChene, Dan. "Circus coming to town Friday."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 6, 2009, sec. Community.
Ticket sales to benefit Jaycees.

DuChene, Dan. "Cranking out the tunes."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 31, 2009, sec. Community.
Classic organ music plays in Ypsilanti.

Mason, Nkoski. "Score for Kids Jamboree Saturday."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 28, 2009, sec. Community.
Fundraiser to benefit Boys & Girls Club.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "Record numbers for Michigan's Summer Beer Fest."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 27, 2009, sec. Community.
More than 8,000 pour into Riverside Park.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "Summer Beer Festival headed to Ypsilanti."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 23, 2009, sec. Community.
Riverside Park to feature 30 brewers Friday, Saturday.

DuChene, Dan. "‘Good vibe’ at Shadow Art Fair."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 20, 2009, sec. Community.
Seventh event in four years Saturday.


Laughren, Christine. "Blue Angels 'Thunder Over' Ypsi ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
Air show begins today, continues tomorrow at Willow Run Airport.

DuChene, Dan. "DAY plans spontaneous ‘siesta’ downtown this afternoon."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 16, 2009, sec. Community.
Group looks forward as Crossroads fundraising wraps up.

Laughren, Christine. "ElvisFest: creating 'memories, sweet memories'."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 13, 2009, sec. Community.
Good weather brings thousands to Riverside Park.

Jett, Charnika. "'The King' is back in town."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 9, 2009, sec. Community.
Festival kicks off Friday.

DuChene, Dan. "Busy holiday weekend in Ypsi."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 6, 2009, sec. Community.
Independence day kicks off month of activity.

DuChene, Dan. "Lake Shore fireworks and festival."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 6, 2009, sec. Community.
Apartment complex hosts holiday event.

DuChene, Dan. "Crossroads Music Festival."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 6, 2009, sec. Community.
Outdoor concert series continues downtown.

DuChene, Dan. "Independence Day Parade."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 6, 2009, sec. Community.
Oldest parade for holiday here in Ypsi.

Ypsilanti Historical Society

DuChene, Dan. "Camaro Superfest."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 6, 2009, sec. Community.
260 cars in Riverside Park.

Jett, Charnika. "Ypsi goes solar this summer."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 24, 2009, sec. Community.
City Hall, River Street Bakery projects scheduled for completion by season's end.

Laughren, Christine. "Cruising in Depot Town."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 22, 2009, sec. Community.
Thursday car show gets underway .

DuChene, Dan. "Residents come together for neighborhood park."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 19, 2009, sec. Community.
Prospect Park neighborhoods pitching in to help.

Jett, Charnika. "Crossroads concert tonight."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 5, 2009, sec. Community.
Movie shoot moves event inside.

Laughren, Christine. "Lights, camera, runway."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 1, 2009, sec. Community.
Ypsilanti's first fashion show 'successful'.

Jett, Charnika. "Witness 'Wurst of Ypsilanti'."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 1, 2009, sec. Community.
June 13 fundraiser to benifit Rutherford Pool .

DuChene, Dan. "Memorial Day in Ypsilanti."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 26, 2009, sec. Community.
Holiday kicks off summer season.


DuChene, Dan. "Residents get Ypsi PRIDE."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 18, 2009, sec. Community.
Annual event in its 15th year.

Jett, Charnika. "Crossroads organizers raise money for festival."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 14, 2009, sec. Community.
Haabs, Arbor Beverage lend a hand for fundraiser.

Laughren, Christine. "Home sweet home for Depot Town Tattoo."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 11, 2009, sec. Community.
New parlor settles into Ypsilanti area.

DuChene, Dan. "Mongolian grill in Downtown Ypsi ready for customers."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 9, 2009, sec. Community.
Early opening for long-awaited new restaurant.

Laughren, Christine. "SPARK East welcomes community."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 8, 2009, sec. Community.
Open house celebrates business incubator's debut.

Laughren, Christine. "Ride of Silence."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 7, 2009, sec. Community.
Ypsilanti to commemorate riders injured or killed while cycling.

Laughren, Christine. "Bike Ypsi kicks off season with spring ride."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 4, 2009, sec. Community.
Group shares big plans for riding season.

Laughren, Christine. "Seeds, seedlings, beer."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 23, 2009, sec. Community.
Growing Hope plays host to plant swap at Corner Brewery.


DuChene, Dan. "Counseling for foreclosure process."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 23, 2009, sec. Community.
EMU program offered to community .

Laughren, Christine. "Salt City Antiques heads to Downtown Ypsi."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 14, 2009, sec. Community.
Antique store closes doors in Depot Town April 30.

DuChene, Dan. "New pizzeria serving jumbo pie."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 11, 2009, sec. Community.
Ypsilanti family brings new business to pizza landmark.

DuChene, Dan. "Governor presents 'big' check for Ypsi Freighthouse."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 10, 2009, sec. Community.
Federal stimulus funds could open historic structure next year.

Jett, Charnika. "Students react to EMU lawsuit."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 9, 2009, sec. Community.
Community voices mixed views.

Laughren, Christine. "Ypsilanti history featured online."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 7, 2009, sec. Community.
Historical society creates presentation.

Laughren, Christine. "Celebrities gone, not forgotten."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 3, 2009, sec. Community.
Depot Town filming finished Wednesday evening.

Jett, Charnika. "Spruce up Ypsilanti."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 3, 2009, sec. Community.
Ypsi PRIDE coming in May.


Cipolla, Andrew. "Citizen Community Collaboration at Corner."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 31, 2009, sec. Community.
Editors to meet with Ypsi residents at brewery.

DuChene, Dan. "Cellar Roots magazine available."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 30, 2009, sec. Community.
Student arts publication in its 38th year.

Laughren, Christine. "Sidetrack featured in Hillary Swank movie."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 28, 2009, sec. Community.
Owners close restaurant two days for filming.

Laughren, Christine. "New street furniture arrives."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 26, 2009, sec. Community.
Beautification part of Depot Town DDA’s “West Cross Organization”.

Jett, Charnika. "Health care needs increase as Hope Center expands."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 26, 2009, sec. Community.
Non-profit to offer services under one roof.

DuChene, Dan. "Ypsilantians respond to Ann Arbor News' closure."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 24, 2009, sec. Community.
Last daily print newspaper to shut down in July.

Laughren, Christine. "DDA votes to remain Michigan Main Street 'associate'."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 20, 2009, sec. Community.
Door remains open for higher status level in future.

Jett, Charnika. "Poetry slam winners announced."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 18, 2009, sec. Community.
Team to represent Ypsilanti in Chicago competition.

Ypsilanti Historical Society

Laughren, Christine. "Superior Green Fair scheduled for May."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
Event created to promote healthy living, recycling.

Jett, Charnika. "Students teach how to be green."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 16, 2009, sec. Community.
Week of events at EMU focus on environmentalism.

Jett, Charnika. "Teens to compete in poetry slam Friday."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 12, 2009, sec. Community.
Winner gets spot on Ypsi Slam Team, trip to Chicago..

DuChene, Dan. "Counseling offered for death."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 11, 2009, sec. Community.
EMU student collapses while playing basketball.

Jett, Charnika. "Fashion show coming to Downtown Ypsilanti."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 9, 2009, sec. Community.
Organizers looking for designers to participate.

DuChene, Dan. "Depot Town serving up chili for local charity."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 6, 2009, sec. Community.
Challenge one of several events in area this weekend.

DuChene, Dan. "Tap Room's new room to open soon, after two years."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 24, 2009, sec. Community.
Owner says game area connecting to Annex opening Monday.

DuChene, Dan. "More filming in Ypsilanti."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 23, 2009, sec. Community.
Hilary Swank, Minnie Driver, Sam Rockwell to star in ‘Betty Anne Waters’ shooting next month downtown.


Laughren, Christine. "Riverside Arts' new elevator."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
RAC ‘in good shape’ despite funding cuts on state level.

Laughren, Christine. "Riverside Arts Center to cut ribbon for new elevator."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 9, 2009, sec. Community.
RAC celebrates about $600,000 in renovations, construction.

Laughren, Christine. "Wireless Ypsi looking to future after impressive year."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 2, 2009, sec. Community.
Free internet brings people with computers to local businesses.

Laughren, Christine. "NYC comedians return to Ypsi."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 24, 2009, sec. Community.
Show wrappes up tonight at Riverside Arts Center.

Mathews, Portia. "History witnessed after long journey to capital."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 22, 2009, sec. Community.
EMU student, Ypsilanti resident makes Obama inauguration.

DuChene, Dan. "Local supporters look forward to new Obama presidency."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 21, 2009, sec. Community.
Area events mark historic inauguration with food entertainment.

Mathews, Portia. "EMU student arrives in D.C.."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 19, 2009, sec. Community.
Long distance drive gives way to warmer weather, nation’s capital.

Mathews, Portia. "Journey to Obama inauguration ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 18, 2009, sec. Community.
Ypsilanti resident, EMU student heads to see new president.


DuChene, Dan. "Rock drummer displays art talent in local gallery."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 17, 2009, sec. Community.
Ypsilanti business hosting paintings, drawings from notable Detroit musician..

Laughren, Christine. "Depot Town escapes reality."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 16, 2009, sec. Community.
Fantasy Attic opens doors in Ypsilanti.

Laughren, Christine. "Sister duo wins Ypsi Idol."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 15, 2009, sec. Community.
Event raises money for YHS cheerleaders .

DuChene, Dan. "New Web videos showcase city."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 15, 2009, sec. Community.
Promotional ‘virtual tour’ clips created at no expense.

Laughren, Christine. "Non-profit gives gift of music to area students."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 10, 2009, sec. Community.
Horns for the Holidays wraps up donation drive.

Laughren, Christine. "Vampires in Ypsilanti."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 8, 2009, sec. Community.
Evil Genius Entertainment films portion of movie near Depot Town.

Laughren, Christine. "Promotion committee brings ideas to Superior Township."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 7, 2009, sec. Community.
Group looks for resident input.

DuChene, Dan. "New downtown entertainment offers fundraising for charity."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 29, 2008, sec. Community.
Coop's takes over Buffalo Wild Wings, offers something to community.


Laughren, Christine. "New Years Day walk organized."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 29, 2008, sec. Community.
Friends of the Border To Border Trail plan stroll through Riverside.

Laughren, Christine. "Mittenfest III takes over Ypsilanti."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 24, 2008, sec. Community.
Three days, 27 bookings, one good cause.

DuChene, Dan. "Beal says new projects separate from Thompson Block."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 22, 2008, sec. Community.
Five new foreclosure captures keep 30 employees working.

Laughren, Christine. "Christmas comes early for Ypsilanti student."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 19, 2008, sec. Community.
Special needs child receives new bike.

DuChene, Dan. "New era for city services."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 17, 2008, sec. Community.
Ypsilanti expands Internet features.

Laughren, Christine. "Christmas Dinner feeds hungry."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 16, 2008, sec. Community.
DeVinci Fundraising provides free meals to community.

Laughren, Christine. "Guest speaker encourages Ypsi to find niche."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 11, 2008, sec. Community.
Friedman discusses 'From Rust Belt to Artist Belt.

Laughren, Christine. "Local non-profit 'rebuilds Ypsilanti'."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 10, 2008, sec. Community.
Clean Energy Coalition assists in energy efficiency improvements.

Ypsilanti Historical Society

Laughren, Christine. "New gallery opens in Depot Town."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 8, 2008, sec. Community.
Shankwiler 123 sells fine art and vintage sports cards and collectales.

Laughren, Christine. "Shadow art takes over Corner Brewery Saturday."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 5, 2008, sec. Community.
Art fair sceduled from noon until midnight.

Laughren, Christine. "Buy local for the holidays."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 3, 2008, sec. Community.
Initiative encourages keeping dollars in community.

Laughren, Christine. "Luwak cooks up new breakfast menu, new look."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 25, 2008, sec. Community.
New breakfasts coming soon.

Laughren, Christine. "Beezy's buzzing with business."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 21, 2008, sec. Community.
New cafe opens its doors.

Laughren, Christine. "Give Local in Ypsilanti."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 21, 2008, sec. Community.
Initiative encourages giving back to community.

DuChene, Dan. "Brother upset, still accepts acquittal ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 20, 2008, sec. Community.

Laughren, Christine. "Farmers' Market moves indoors Tuesday."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 19, 2008, sec. Community.
Thanksgiving Market one-day only.


DuChene, Dan. "Long wait for new restaurant could soon be over."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 15, 2008, sec. Community.

DuChene, Dan. "Brother hopes trial's end will heal death."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 15, 2008, sec. Community.

Staff, Citizen. "Citizen invites community to celebrate site's launch."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 11, 2008, sec. Community.

DuChene, Dan. "City responds to Obama win."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 5, 2008, sec. Community.

Laughren, Christine. "Clayton promises experience as new sheriff."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 1, 2008, sec. Community.

Laughren, Christine. "Republican for Sheriff wants 'change'."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 1, 2008, sec. Community.

Laughren, Christine. "Remodel Green 08 hits Ypsilanti."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 1, 2008, sec. Community.
Expo and conference brought hundreds.

DuChene, Dan. "Halloween Hits Hipsilanti."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 31, 2008, sec. Community.

SESI Motors

Roots Jamboree

The Rocket

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