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Perkins, Tom. "Lincoln basketball looks toward new season."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 23, 2009, sec. Sports.
Railsplitters’ first game against Ecorse next month.

Perkins, Tom. "Lincoln hockey loses season opener."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 23, 2009, sec. Sports.
Railsplitters suffer injury in third period.

Perkins, Tom. "Lincoln gearing up for hockey."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 16, 2009, sec. Sports.
Railsplitters begin season with new roster Saturday.

Curmi, Josh. "Flyers cruise over Dragons."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 19, 2009, sec. Sports.
Willow Run football beats Summit Academy in fifth consecutive win.

Curmi, Josh. "Ypsilanti holds off Lincoln to win first 'Interstate Clash'."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 10, 2009, sec. Sports.

Curmi, Josh. "Lincoln takes on Ypsi Friday."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 8, 2009, sec. Sports.
Teams excited for first football matchup .

Curmi, Josh. "Ypsilanti edged by Dexter for homecoming game."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 5, 2009, sec. Sports.
Varsity football looses lead in late quarters.

Curmi, Josh. "Lincoln volleyball falls to Tecumseh."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 30, 2009, sec. Sports.
Early Railsplitter leads not enough to win match.

Ypsilanti Historical Society

Curmi, Josh. "Melvindale sweeps Willow Run volleyball."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 29, 2009, sec. Sports.
Next home match at 7 p.m. Thursday.

Gonzales, Derek. "Lincoln middle school cross country takes invitational."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 28, 2009, sec. Sports.
Boysl, girls teams finish first of 19 teams.

Curmi, Josh. "Willow Run beats Warren Conner Creek."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 26, 2009, sec. Sports.
Visiting Flyers shut out Eagles for homecoming.

Curmi, Josh. "Lincoln edges Dexter for second straight win."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 19, 2009, sec. Sports.
Railsplitter football travels to Chelsea next week.

Curmi, Josh. "New athletic director joins Lincoln."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 28, 2009, sec. Sports.
Eve Claar takes baton .

Curmi, Josh. "Railsplitters confident for strong 09 campaign."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 27, 2009, sec. Sports.
Lincoln football season kicks off Friday.

Curmi, Josh. "Ypsilanti football gearing up for 2009 season ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 26, 2009, sec. Sports.
Season starts Friday, home opener September 4.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders’ bats struggle in fourth straight loss."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 13, 2009, sec. Sports.
Ypsi baseball to avoid sweep at home tonight.


Curmi, Josh. "Otters’ late inning comeback overcomes Sliders."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 12, 2009, sec. Sports.
Ypsi baseball continues at home tonight.

Curmi, Josh. "Beach Bums edge Sliders in late innings."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 7, 2009, sec. Sports.
First loss in six games ends streak.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders continue winning streak."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 6, 2009, sec. Sports.
Ypsi baseball with .500 record after five wins.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders top Beach Bums."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 5, 2009, sec. Sports.
Fourth win in a row for Ypsi baseball.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders set franchise win record."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 3, 2009, sec. Sports.
Home baseball tonight to finish series..

Curmi, Josh. "Wild Things rout Sliders to win series."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 29, 2009, sec. Sports.
Rematch at home Saturday.

Curmi, Josh. "Wild Things hit four home runs to beat Sliders."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 27, 2009, sec. Sports.
Series continues today at 7 p.m..

Curmi, Josh. "Kings hold off Sliders to even series."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 25, 2009, sec. Sports.
Former EMU pitcher to start in series clincher.


Curmi, Josh. "Sliders edge Kings in pitching duel."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 24, 2009, sec. Sports.
Series continues at home tomorrow.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders lose lead in late innings."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 23, 2009, sec. Sports.
Home games begin tonight at Oestrike.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders win series in extra innings."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 20, 2009, sec. Sports.
Ypsilanti baseball heads home Thursday.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders comeback falls short to Gateway Grizzlies ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 13, 2009, sec. Sports.
All-Star game starts Wednesday in Ill..

Curmi, Josh. "Second straight series sweep for Ypsi Sliders."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 10, 2009, sec. Sports.
Team plays two home games over weekend before all star game next week.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders blank Rascals for fifth straight win."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 9, 2009, sec. Sports.
Series finale at 7:05 today at Oestrike Stadium..

Curmi, Josh. " Walk-off lifts Sliders win streak to four."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 8, 2009, sec. Sports.
Ypsilanti baseball continues tomorrow.

Curmi, Josh. " Sliders sweep Traverse City behind strong pitching."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 6, 2009, sec. Sports.
Ypsi minor league baseball team comes home next week.


Curmi, Josh. "Sliders canceled due to rain."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 2, 2009, sec. Sports.
Three game series in Traverse City starts Friday.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders drop double header with Lake Erie."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 1, 2009, sec. Sports.
Series finale at Oestrike Stadium today.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders sweep series."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 29, 2009, sec. Sports.
Offense comes alive against Florence.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders fall to Kalamazoo despite late comeback."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 25, 2009, sec. Sports.
Series continues tonight at Oestrike Stadium.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders lose final game of long road trip."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 23, 2009, sec. Sports.
Team returns home Wednesday for three game series against Kalamazoo Kings..

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders crush Washington to end losing streak."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 23, 2009, sec. Sports.
Series tie breaker set for this afternoon.

Curmi, Josh. "Pitching leads Sliders to win over Kalamazoo."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 18, 2009, sec. Sports.
Team takes final game in three game series.

Curmi, Josh. "Detroit Tigers draft Lincoln star."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 12, 2009, sec. Sports.
Senior to deside between college, professional ball.

Ypsilanti Historical Society

, Souva, Justin. "Strong pitching challenges Sliders."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 5, 2009, sec. Sports.
Team heads to Windy City.

Curmi, Josh. "RiverHawks edge Sliders."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 4, 2009, sec. Sports.
Loss ties three game series 1-1.

Curmi, Josh. "Windy City ends Sliders' five-game winning streak."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 31, 2009, sec. Sports.
Ypsilanti baseball still top of the division.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders beat Windy City in home opener."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 30, 2009, sec. Sports.
Five-game winning strike brings Ypsi to top of division.

DuChene, Dan. "Sliders gear up for home opener."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 29, 2009, sec. Sports.
Winning road trip readies team for first game in Ypsi.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders win season opener."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 21, 2009, sec. Sports.
Ypsi baseball scores first win in Kentucky.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders split doubleheader with Traverse City."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 18, 2009, sec. Sports.
Regular season to start on road Wednesday.

DuChene, Dan. "First Sliders exhibition a victory."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 15, 2009, sec. Sports.
Traverse City falls 7-2 while Sliders on the road.


, Souva, Justin. "Gabriel Richard wins four-team tournament."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 10, 2009, sec. Sports.
Lincoln falls by one run in final game.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders event kicks off long wait for Ypsilanti baseball."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 9, 2009, sec. Sports.
drawing of baseball stadium at Water Street presented.

Curmi, Joshua. "Ypsilanti High School swimmer earns All-American honors."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 6, 2009, sec. Sports.
Graduating senior excels at school, several activities.

Curmi, Joshua. "Lincoln Pitcher throws no-hitter ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 2, 2009, sec. Sports.
First start in season for senior athlete .

DuChene, Dan. "Permanent baseball team could be on horizon."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 2, 2009, sec. Sports.
Sliders’ owners could bring minor league stadium to Ypsilanti.

Curmi, Joshua. "Sliders to host ‘meet and greet’."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 1, 2009, sec. Sports.
Minor League team looking to kickoff 2009 season.

Souva, Justin. "Defensive pressure leads Willow Run over Ypsilanti."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 30, 2009, sec. Sports.
Cogdell's 13 helps end losing streak.

Curmi, Josh. "Sliders of Ypsilanti to become ‘big brother’ for local youth."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 29, 2009, sec. Sports.
Minor league partners with non-profit to help incorporate team with community.


Curmi, Josh. "Sliders looking for area host families ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 28, 2009, sec. Sports.
Owners accepting applications from residents.

Curmi, Josh. "Lady Flyers beat Taylor Kennedy."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 14, 2009, sec. Sports.
Willow Run takes 11 point lead over Taylor.

Curmi, Josh. "Minor League baseball team announces schedule."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 8, 2009, sec. Sports.
Sliders of Ypsilanti gearing up for 2009 season.

Curmi, Josh. "Ypsilanti handles cross-town rival Lincoln 65-40."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 7, 2009, sec. Sports.
Short bench hurts Lincoln.

Curmi, Josh. "EMU picks new football coach."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 22, 2008, sec. Sports.
Ron English one of five African American college coaches in the nation.

Curmi, Josh. "EMU to pick new football coach."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 21, 2008, sec. Sports.
Press conference scheduled tomorrow to pick Genyk's replacement.

Curmi, Josh. "Flyers' basketball falls to Huron."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 17, 2008, sec. Sports.
Final score: 65-56.

Curmi, Josh. "EMU dismisses football coach."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 24, 2008, sec. Sports.
Jeff Genyk released from his contract effective immediately.


Curmi, Josh. "Division I-AA school signs Lincoln athlete."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 18, 2008, sec. Sports.

Curmi, Josh. "Lincoln Volleyball falls to Adrian in District Semifinal."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 8, 2008, sec. Sports.

DuChene, Dan. "Baseball slides into Ypsilanti."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 3, 2008, sec. Sports.

Curmi, Josh. "Fall football round-up."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 29, 2008, sec. Sports.
Lincoln, Willow Run and Ypsilanti look to build off seasons for 2009..

Laughren, Christine. "Greene 'climbs ladder'."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 24, 2008, sec. Sports.

Laughren, Christine. "Ypsi AD settles in."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 23, 2008, sec. Sports.
Fuller began the position four months ago.

Laughren, Christine. "Wright reflects on changing district."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 23, 2008, sec. Sports.



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