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Ypsilanti Schools accept transportation consolidation
By Adrienne Ziegler
Jun. 8, 2010   ·   3:07 p.m.

Connie Shelton, an East Middle School Teacher, speaks against the WISD transportation consolidation plan at Monday's special meeting of the Ypsilanti Board of Education. The board approved the motion to join the consolidation by a vote of 5 to 2.

"Shame on you" echoed through the audience Monday night after the Ypsilanti Public Schools Board of Education approved a plan to join a countywide consolidated...read more

Willow Run appoints new board member
By Adrienne Ziegler
Jun. 5, 2010   ·   8:16 a.m.

The Willow Run School Board looks on as Kristine Thomas, a district parent and previous board member, is sworn in as trustee on Thursday night. Thomas will take the position of Joi Jenson who resigned in early May.

The Willow Run School Board appointed a new, yet familiar trustee to the board of education during their regular meeting Thursday night.

Kristine Thomas, a Willow...read more

Willow Run approves county-wide transportation plan
By Adrienne Ziegler
May. 27, 2010   ·   2:09 p.m.

The Willow Run School District signed on to a countywide consolidated transportation plan at their regular board meeting last week.

The plan aims to save transportation...read more

Lincoln offers summer courses to area high-schoolers
By Mark Tower
May. 26, 2010   ·   7:49 p.m.

Students from Lincoln and other nearby districts are being invited to participate in Lincoln High School's Summer Academy this year, registration for which opened...read more

Willow Run terminates student services administrator
By Adrienne Ziegler
May. 26, 2010   ·   12:26 a.m.

Willow Run School Board President Sheri Washington said she didn't know if the district was going to press charges against former Student Services Administrator Laconda Hicks after the board fired Hicks during a special meeting Tuesday night.

The Willow Run Board of Education unanimously voted to terminate its contract with former Student Services Administrator Laconda Hicks Tuesday night during a special...read more

YPS Budget problems discussed

Ypsilanti Public Schools' Board of Education listens to a budget audit presentation from Jeff Higgins and Nate Troyer of Plante & Moran at Monday night's meeting. Photo by Dan DuChene

Ypsilanti Public Schools' Board of Education listens to a budget audit presentation from Jeff Higgins and Nate Troyer of Plante & Moran at Monday night's meeting.

Despite cuts, declining revenues force smaller fund balance

By Dan DuChene
Dec. 10, 2008    ·    3:55 p.m.

The Ypsilanti Public Schools’ Board of Education discussed the district’s dwindling fund balance Monday.

The issue was presented by an independent budget audit from Plante & Moran. The audit stated the district had spent nearly $1.4 million of it’s fund balance last year. This left $579,457, or 1.3 percent, in its coffers.

Kelli Glenn, the district’s acting chief financial officer, said a comfortable fund balance is normally around 10 percent. She said it is very likely that the district will completely drain its fund balance this fiscal year.

A fund balance is the money set aside to fund unforeseen expenditures the district might incur. If all revenue coming into the district suddenly disappeared, a 10 percent fund balance would allow YPS to run five weeks before running out of cash.

With this reported 1.3 percent level. The district estimates it could run for five days under a similar scenario.

“We understand the grave position this puts the district in,” Board President David Bates said. “A position to borrow money to pay the bills, a position the state has caused our district and many like us, to be in.”

Glenn, as well as presenters from Plante & Moran, pointed to twp main caused for this scenario. They said declining enrollment and increased prices, coupled with decreasing allocations from the state, have decreased revenues to the point where dipping into the fund balance has become necessary.

In addition, the district says its inability to sell its unused Ardis Elementary did not help with anticipated revenues.

“We’ve essentially had to go into our savings,” Board Trustee Andy Fanta said at the meeting.

Glenn said the district has been cutting expenditures to cope with the decreased revenue, but it just hasn’t been enough.

For instance, information provided in this audit shows revenues were more than $5.1 million under what the district had budgeted. However, it was still able to save more than $2.5 million from its budgeted expenditures.

As the fund balance has decreased from more than $3.7 million to current levels in the past five years, enrollment has dropped from about 4,400 to 3,800. The district has also lost nearly 40 teachers in that same time.

If YPD does completely deplete its fund balance and enter into deficit spending, the district will have to begin the deficit elimination process with the state government.

This will likely mean much more drastic cuts in the future.

Glenn said the deficit elimination process will likely be started next year.

“I don’t expect it to get better soon,” she said.


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