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City Council approves all mayor's re-appointments
By Dan DuChene
Jun. 16, 2010   ·   3:42 a.m.

Jone Coleman, president of downtown business LookInTheAttic, shares his thoughts with City Council about the discussion and procedure taken to pass mayoral re-appointments, which he was being considered for the Downtown Development Authority.

After much procedure, Ypsilanti City Council approved six mayoral re-appointments to city boards and committees Tuesday, including the two postponed from earlier...read more

Council postpones two reappointments
By Mark Tower
Jun. 4, 2010   ·   4:57 p.m.

Two of Ypsilanti's volunteer board members were not reappointed on schedule Tuesday night, owing to a 4-2 vote by City Council to delay the appointments until...read more

Downtown properties to be rehabilitated
By Mark Tower
Jun. 4, 2010   ·   10:40 a.m.

The three properties located at 120, 122 and 124 West Michigan Avenue in downtown Ypsilanti will soon be rebuilt into commercial and office space and loft apartments, thanks to a planned $1.7 million investment by developers.

Three recently-vacated properties in downtown Ypsilanti, two of them condemned, will soon be renovated owing to recent purchase by a local development company and...read more

Ypsilanti Township authorizes litigation against Liberty Square
By Mark Tower
May. 28, 2010   ·   6:53 p.m.

Many of the homes in the Liberty Square complex on Grove Street in Ypsilanti Township are already boarded and ready for foreclosure sale. All 151 units, some of which are still occupied, will be condemned Tuesday, Ypsilanti Township has resolved.

Residents living in the Liberty Square complex of townhouses will see a sticker appear on their homes Tuesday, when the Ypsilanti Township Building Department places...read more

Ford plant granted tax exemption by township
By Mark Tower
May. 24, 2010   ·   5:44 p.m.

Ford Motor Company's Rawsonville Plan, located at the intersection of Textile and Bridge Roads in Ypsilanti Township, will soon be the new home for production of Ford's Electric Focus batteries, formerly produced in Mexico.

New machines and equipment will soon be wheeled into Ford's Rawsonville Plant in Ypsilanti Township as it begins manufacturing a line of batteries for the new global...read more

Fire department responds to natural gas odor


No problem detected, likely caused by decaying leaves

By Dan DuChene
Jan. 7, 2009    ·    5:33 p.m.

Ypsilanti fire fighters were on the corner of Ballard and Cross streets this afternoon looking for a reported natural gas leak.

Two trucks and five fire fighters searched the scene at approximately 3:45 p.m., and were unable to find any problem. The call was made from a Huron Valley ambulance when drivers had passed through the intersection and reported a “strange odor.”

The fire department had responded to the call and wrapped everything up within minutes.
Dan Cain, a captain at the City of Ypsilanti Fire Department, said responders searched all four corners of the intersection with a natural gas detector and did not find anything. He attributed the smell to decomposing leaves in the storm drains.

“We get this a couple times a month,” Cain said.

Because people don’t know where the odor they smell is coming from, Cain said it is often reported as a gas leak.

“It usually comes from decaying leaves,” he said.

M Miciura is a manager at the Ugly Mug Café, which is located at the intersection. After the scene was cleared, he said he didn’t smell anything out of the ordinary and no customers in the shop complained.

“That’s weird,” he said. “I didn’t see any fire trucks.”

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