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Lincoln soccer closes out season with win.
By Kevin Korpal
Jun. 1, 2010   ·   10:45 a.m.

Strong defense led the Lincoln Railsplitters to a 3-1 victory over the undersized Ypsilanti Phoenix to close out the season on Lincoln’s Senior Night last Thursday....read more

Lincoln lacrosse dominates Ypsilanti
By Kevin Korpal
May. 20, 2010   ·   6:23 p.m.

Wind and rain were the names of the game when the Lincoln High School lacrosse team defeated visiting Ypsilanti High School 13-3 Monday night.

The Railsplitters...read more

Flyers softball drop season opener
By Jeremiah Juncker
Mar. 31, 2010   ·   5:50 p.m.

Willow Run junior starting pitcher Katie Mullins in the third inning in the team's home-opener against Huron Valley Lutheran High School. Flyers lost 13-4 against the Hawks Tuesday.

It was a mix of inexperience, first game jitters and a strong opposing pitcher which saw the Willow Run High School girl’s softball team drop its season-opener...read more

Lincoln High School sports roundup
By Jeremiah Juncker
Mar. 30, 2010   ·   10:39 a.m.

Baseball: Ace Andrew Dillon leads a young Railspitters team as fourth-year coach Marty Lozano tries to turn things around after a 12-21 season in 2009. Lozano has...read more

Lincoln hockey earns fourth straight win
By Tom Perkins
Dec. 22, 2009   ·   9:47 a.m.

Railsplitter David Skeans fires in the game winning goal against Chelsea.

For two periods it looked as if Lincoln hockey was not only going to break their winless streak against Chelsea, but they were going to decimate the Bulldogs in...read more

Wright reflects on changing district

Sid Wright Photo by Christine Laughren

Sid Wright

By Christine Laughren
Oct. 23, 2008    ·    8:34 p.m.

He calls himself the “dinosaur” of athletic directors. And compared to nearby school districts that have athletic directors still in their first year, he may be right.

After almost 20 years in the AD game Sid Wright, of Lincoln Consolidated School District, said the game has changed entirely.

“The growth (of the district) has been unreal,” Wright said leaning back in his office chair. “It’s not the typical Lincoln anymore.”

Although growth in the district has slowed in the past couple years, the area has grown by leaps and bounds compared to 10 years ago. Most of the farm land that use to surround Lincoln’s campus has become Suburbia, USA.

“We use to be a total farm community,” Wright said. "Now values have changed, attendance has changed and parent involvement has changed."

Write said he enjoys being athletic director and he enjoys being there for the kids that need the extra guidance. He said the biggest thing is keeping kids out of trouble.

He said he has seen major changes in the last five years due to lack of funding on a State level. According to Wright not only has funding diminished but the programs have increased in recent years with the addition of tennis and field hockey among other things.

“We are trying to do more with less,” Wright said. “We use to be able to have office aids and we can’t even do that anymore.”

Like most school districts Lincoln has resorted to charging a participation fee for students who wish to play sports for the year. Wright said there are less kids coming out for sports due to the fees but he said he is doing all he can to work with what he has.

He said looks forward to Ypsilanti joining the S.E.C. next year and saw the two Ypsilanti schools facing off becoming a traditional rivalry.

Though there have been some whispers of Write retiring soon he would not confirm he was going to.

“I’m the only dinosaur left in the district that’s for sure,” Wright said with a smile.

Citizen Profile
Sid Wright has been with Lincoln Consolidated Schools for decades. He taught Physical Education for approximately 20 years and became the Athletic Director in 1999.

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