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Thank you Ypsilanti
By Dan DuChene & Christine Laughren
Jun. 23, 2010   ·   5:07 p.m.

Christine Laughren and Dan DuChene, co-owners of the Ypsilanti Citizen, pose in front of their company's banner at Frenchie's during the Citizen's one-year anniversary party.

The Ypsilanti Citizen was launched in November 2008 to inform the Ypsilanti community about the news and events that were happening in their area.

Since our launch,...read more

Crossroads Summer Festival; rockin’ ladies night
By Dave Heikkinen and Frank Wright
Jun. 23, 2010   ·   4:37 p.m.

Barbara Payton and the Big Boss Trio rock Washington Street.

A special Ladies Night was held Friday at the 2010 Ypsilanti Crossroads Summer Festival in conjunction with the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

Just...read more

Electric rail pollution leads to dirty laundry
By Laura Bien
Jun. 15, 2010   ·   11:42 a.m.

From the approximate vantage point of the present-day Materials Unlimited, the interurban car barn and powerhouse on Michigan Avenue loomed large.

Maggie Smith was not looking forward to a forenoon of sewing pleats.

She put down her newest customer’s summer dress. Downstairs, she offered to get potatoes...read more

EMU students in wartime
By Laura Bien
Jun. 1, 2010   ·   10:32 a.m.

The 1942 Aurora yearbook, the 50th
anniversary edition, included images that contrasted modern and
old-time students.

Leroy Grindle was an Ypsilantian soldier who lost his life in WWII. He was a member of the Michigan Normal (EMU) class of ’41, and is memorialized with a black...read more

Disquisition on the Ypsilanti hen
By Laura Bien
May. 18, 2010   ·   9:47 a.m.

Emma Campbell discussed the hens' aesthetic sense, or rather lack thereof.

“A hen is a philosophical creature,” 51-year-old Ypsilanti farmer Emma Campbell informed the Farmers’ Institute meeting at Lansing’s Agricultural College...read more

Crossroads to hold Ladies Night for Relay for Life


Heikk & Wright

By Dave Heikkinen and Frank Wright
Jun. 16, 2010    ·    9:13 a.m.

On June 11, the 2010 Ypsilanti Crossroads Summer Festival featured a rousing opening set from roots and blue grass band Dragon Wagon.

Dragon Wagon was joined on stage by Jamboman, the mascot for the upcoming 2010 Michigan Roots Jamboree to be held Aug. 6 and 7 in Riverside and Frog Island parks, where Dragon Wagon will be a featured performer.

During the second half of the evening, Hullabaloo entertained the Crossroads crowd with a danceable set of ska-funk-rock. To the audience’s delight, several members of Hullabaloo, equipped with wireless mics, performed while dancing among the crowd in front of the stage.

Another crowd of between 350 and 400 people attended what turned to be a rain-free evening. Once again the downtown visitors enjoyed the new Open Marketplace with its vendors hawking their art and wearables. A new addition this week was the infamous Wolverine Grill offering its Coney Island hotdogs, chips and soda pop. The patios at Pub 13 and the Tap Room were also bursting with good cheer throughout the evening.

This Friday, Crossroads features Ladies Night, which is held in conjunction with the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Just Jill will kick-off the evening, starting at 7 p.m. Barbara Payton and the Big Boss Trio follow.

Just Jill is a thought-provoking alt-acoustic rock band known for their high energy and audience interplay. Barbara Payton is a passionate, soulful Detroit-based rock singer who has toured with Kid Rock and Bob Seger. Crossroads is fortunate to have both for this special night.

Crossroads is a free, safe, fun and family-friendly event so come down Friday for another good time. It’s a great value, with good people and a wide variety of things to do. For more information, please visit www.ypsicrossroads.org.

The Rocket

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