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Tower, Mark. "Brick Elementary launches model to engage students, families."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 11, 2010, sec. Education.
Building prepares to welcome Lincoln's multi-age program next year.

Tower, Mark. "Lincoln lays off 62 teachers."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 11, 2010, sec. Education.
'Most' will be re-offered a job by June, Superintendent says.

Ziegler, Adrienne. "Willow Run considers joining countywide transportation program."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 10, 2010, sec. Education.
School board, district staff debate pros and cons of consolidation.

Tower, Mark. "Voters approve millage for Lincoln schools."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 4, 2010, sec. Education.
Preliminary numbers show millage extension passes by 242 votes.

DuChene, Dan. "Crowd packs Ypsilanti Schools' Board meeting."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 27, 2010, sec. Education.
Layoffs, principal appointment approved despite audience's objections.

DuChene, Dan. "EMU students to see no cost increase next year."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 21, 2010, sec. Education.
Regents unanimously approve budget, assuming 3.4 enrollment increase.

Tower, Mark. "Summer school for at-risk kids created at Redner Elementary."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 20, 2010, sec. Education.
Lincoln and WCC partner in lifetime learning program.

Ziegler, Adrienne. "Hearings begin against Willow Run administrator."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 16, 2010, sec. Education.
Board alleges student services administrator took extra pay, mistreated staff.

Ypsilanti Historical Society

Ziegler, Adrienne. "Lincoln Schools consider pilot tech program for juniors, seniors."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 9, 2010, sec. Education.
Cost neutral program to be offered at Bessie Hoffman in 2010.

Ziegler, Adrienne. "Willow Run budget shortfall less than expected."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 2, 2010, sec. Education.
Spending cuts, increased enrollment, tentative teacher pay cuts put the district in the black by 2014.

Ziegler, Adrienne. "Board releases details of charges against Hope-Jackson."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 26, 2010, sec. Education.
Willow Run school board accuses former superintendent of misappropriating funds.

Ziegler, Adrienne. "Willow Run to join Early College Alliance."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 25, 2010, sec. Education.
High school students able to get head start on college classes.

Ziegler, Adrienne. "Lincoln takes $35 million bond issue to voters in May."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 24, 2010, sec. Education.
Funds slated for technology, renovations, expansions .

DuChene, Dan. "Chapelle, East Middle schools to close."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 23, 2010, sec. Education.
Ypsilanti School Board approves plan to save $1.3 million.

Laughren, Christine. "Smartphones join classroom instruction at Lincoln Middle School."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 19, 2010, sec. Education.
Sixth grade class demos Sprint phones, administrators gauging success .

DuChene, Dan. "YPS to decide on closing Chapelle, East Middle Schools."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 19, 2010, sec. Education.
Board to decide on administrators' recommendation Monday.


Ziegler, Adrienne. "Willow Run to determine fate of suspended superintendent."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 19, 2010, sec. Education.
Board schedules special meeting to consider termination, charges.

DuChene, Dan. "YPS schedules presentation on school closings."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 12, 2010, sec. Education.
Administration set to announce reduction plans Thursday.

DuChene, Dan. "Group plans trip to rally for education funding."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 9, 2010, sec. Education.
Ypsi contingent inviting community to participate in Lansing event.

DuChene, Dan. "Plan for Ypsilanti School's restructuring could be presented next week."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 9, 2010, sec. Education.
Resolution requiring presentation of all considered plans fails to garner support.

Ziegler, Adrienne. "Former board member cut short at Willow Run board meeting."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 8, 2010, sec. Education.
Board reluctant to discuss employment status of former superintendent.

DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run approves credit-recovery software."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 19, 2010, sec. Education.
$18,000 purchase could help district with enrollment, graduation rate.

Laughren, Christine. "Residents express concerns with Ypsi Schools."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 17, 2010, sec. Education.
Meeting format one of issues raised by community.

Ziegler, Adrienne. "Beloved Estabrook teacher inspires book donation."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 15, 2010, sec. Education.
Fellow teachers begin program to honor colleague, friend .


DuChene, Dan. "Forum scheduled for Ypsilanti Schools' budget."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 11, 2010, sec. Education.
Community invited to speak with board Tuesday.

DuChene, Dan. "Snow shuts down schools tonight."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 9, 2010, sec. Education.
Winter storm warning in effect until Wednesday.

DuChene, Dan. "Community action against school closings formalizes."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 9, 2010, sec. Education.
Ypsilanti parents build momentum, organization.

Laughren, Christine. "Lincoln proposes moving multiage program to main campus."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 26, 2010, sec. Education.
Board of Education to vote on recommendation next Monday.

DuChene, Dan. "Ypsilanti cancels after-school programs."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 7, 2010, sec. Education.
Winter weather advisory in effect until Friday morning.

Perkins, Tom. "Willow Run teachers face 10 possible layoffs."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 18, 2009, sec. Education.
Nearly $2 million in cuts expected to impact sports, employee pay.

DuChene, Dan. "Ypsilanti Schools eye 40 teacher layoffs in four years."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 15, 2009, sec. Education.
District submits budget plan to state, projects $6 million in cuts.

Perkins, Tom. "Jackson removed as Willow Run superintendent."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 6, 2009, sec. Education.
After six-week absence, board keeps her in district with new job title.


Perkins, Tom. "Willow Run appoints temporary business director."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 23, 2009, sec. Education.
Hire to oversee deficit elimination plan submission next month.

Laughren, Christine. "Lincoln looks at approximately $6 million in cuts."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 10, 2009, sec. Education.
Recommendations likely proposed at next meeting.

Perkins, Tom. "Willow Run budget deficit increases by $711,000."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 6, 2009, sec. Education.
Smallest amount added to $3 million deficit in six years.

Perkins, Tom. "Principal named acting Willow Run superintendent."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 4, 2009, sec. Education.
Local minister picked for vacated board seat.

DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run superintendent’s absence from accident."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 3, 2009, sec. Education.
Former board member says Jackson on bed rest from car accident.

DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run Board VP resigns."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 30, 2009, sec. Education.
Special board meeting announced for Tuesday.

DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run cancels emergency meeting."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 28, 2009, sec. Education.
Board members say superintendent has been absent.

DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run to hold emergency meeting."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 27, 2009, sec. Education.
Board to discuss resignation, new superintendent appointment.

Ypsilanti Historical Society

Cipolla, Andrew. "Kaiser Elementary welcomes board of education."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 16, 2009, sec. Education.

Laughren, Christine. "Lincoln sees savings from energy program."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 14, 2009, sec. Education.
Higher savings expected after contract ends with consulting company.

Cipolla, Andrew. "Willow Run strategic plan lacking in detail board says."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 2, 2009, sec. Education.

Cipolla, Andrew. "Willow Run faces continued deficit."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 1, 2009, sec. Education.
Board: school closures last resort.

Laughren, Christine. "Lincoln braces for loss in state revenue."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 29, 2009, sec. Education.
Superintendent predicts $1 million in cuts.

DuChene, Dan. "Martin steps in to new district."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 29, 2009, sec. Education.
New superintendent wants plan for financially troubled YPS.

DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run handling crowded elementary classes."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 18, 2009, sec. Education.
Enrollment may still be down for whole district.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "YPS finalizes superintendent contract with Martin."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Sep. 15, 2009, sec. Education.
New superintendent to make $140,000 per year.


Cavanaugh, Jim. "Martin named YPS superintendent ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 25, 2009, sec. Education.
Eight-month process ends in 6-1 vote.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "West Middle School gets new assistant principal."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 11, 2009, sec. Education.
YPS also approves YCUA easement.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "Martin named top candidate."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 6, 2009, sec. Education.
YPS singles out superintendent contender.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "YPS begins meetings with superintendent hopefuls ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Aug. 4, 2009, sec. Education.
Board interviews candidate from Southfield.

Laughren, Christine. "Three open seats on Lincoln school board."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 30, 2009, sec. Education.
Goetz, Upston not seeking re-election .

DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run supports regional school millage."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 24, 2009, sec. Education.
$1.6 million from property tax increase would go to district.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "YPS announces three superintendent candidates."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 15, 2009, sec. Education.
Only one new applicant for consideration.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "Ypsi Schools restart superintendent search."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 14, 2009, sec. Education.
EMU purchases Fletcher Elementary for $2.2 million.


DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run re-organizes board."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jul. 10, 2009, sec. Education.
Jenson, Brown take seats, Washington voted president.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "YPS passes budget deficit."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 30, 2009, sec. Education.
$3.7 million shortfall approved unanimously.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "YPS set to borrow $11 million."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 23, 2009, sec. Education.
Money to cover cash flow problem.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "Deficit elimination plan looming for YPS ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 17, 2009, sec. Education.
Board meets for public imput.

Laughren, Christine. "Negotiations save Lincoln's teaching aide positions."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 9, 2009, sec. Education.
Superintendent says more needs to be done.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "YPS, Lincoln agree to discuss service consolidation."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 9, 2009, sec. Education.
Talks to be facilitated by Washtenaw Intermediate School District.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "Ypsilanti Schools to repost superintendent position."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jun. 2, 2009, sec. Education.
Board hopes to fill spot by September.

DuChene, Dan. "No closed session held by Willow Run."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 29, 2009, sec. Education.
Meeting never scheduled due to Open Meetings Act conflict.


Cavanaugh, Jim. "Deficit elimination plan possible for YPS."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 28, 2009, sec. Education.
Board looks at cutting 10.5 teaching positions, all middle school sports among other things.

DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run Board sets closed meeting to discuss Jackson."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 22, 2009, sec. Education.
Meeting next week set to consider resignation, later withdrawal.

Cavanaugh, James. "Ypsi Schools' superintendent search ends in draw."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 20, 2009, sec. Education.
Fanta casts no vote, resulting in tie.

DuChene, Dan. "Lincoln eyes $2 million in cuts."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 19, 2009, sec. Education.
District faces declining enrollment, raising costs.

Jett, Charnika. "Group organizes Walk to School Day."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 18, 2009, sec. Education.
Event promotes health, environment, safety.

DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run Superintendent announces resignation."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 16, 2009, sec. Education.
Jackson says in e-mail she’ll submit resignation Thursday.

Cavanaugh, James. "Ypsilanti Schools face possible $4 million budget deficit."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 12, 2009, sec. Education.
Even with proposed cuts, district still $1.7 million in red.

DuChene, Dan. "Jenson, Brown oust Blakita."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 5, 2009, sec. Education.
All four township proposals pass handedly.

Ypsilanti Historical Society

DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run election today."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 5, 2009, sec. Education.
Four candidates vie for two empy seats.

DuChene, Dan. "Andy Blakita."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 5, 2009, sec. Education.
Willow Run board candidate.

DuChene, Dan. "John Brooks."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 5, 2009, sec. Education.
Willow Run board candidate.

DuChene, Dan. "Anglesia Brown."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 5, 2009, sec. Education.
Willow Run board candidate.

DuChene, Dan. "Joi Jenson."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 5, 2009, sec. Education.
Willow Run board candidate.

DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run's Kettering Elementary to close."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] May. 1, 2009, sec. Education.
Board votes 5-2 in special meeting.

Cavanaugh, James. "Ypsi school board schedules site visits ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 28, 2009, sec. Education.
Saunders, Weigel chosen as finalists.

DuChene, Dan. "Kaiser, Kettering at Thurston recommended to Willow Run."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 24, 2009, sec. Education.
Second recommendation to close Holmes, then Kettering.


DuChene, Dan. "Lincoln cheers on singing alum."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 20, 2009, sec. Education.
Event tomorrow to root for graduate on 'American Idol'.

Cavanaugh, James. " YPS finishes superintendent interviews."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 17, 2009, sec. Education.
Contract expected to be offered April 27.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "Ypsilanti superintendent interviews continue."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 16, 2009, sec. Education.
Three candidates meet with board Wednesday, two today.

Cavanaugh, James. "Ypsi Schools' superintendent interviews begin."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 15, 2009, sec. Education.
First two candidates meet with YPS Board.

DuChene, Dan. "Nine Willow Run employees see last year."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Apr. 6, 2009, sec. Education.
June 30 last day for several staff, including two principals.

Cavanaugh, James. " Ypsilanti School Board narrows superintendent choices ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 31, 2009, sec. Education.
District looks to mid-April interviews.

Cavanaugh, James. "YPS looks at shared services ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 24, 2009, sec. Education.
District considers partnering with Willow Run.

DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run to explore sharing services to cut costs."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 20, 2009, sec. Education.
Board gives permission to talk with other districts.


Cavanaugh, James. "Community members come out for superintendent forum."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 12, 2009, sec. Education.
Active 'involvement' in Ypsilanti area key to many at meeting.

Cavanaugh, James. "Education automation savings."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 10, 2009, sec. Education.
YPS keeps costs low with substitution program.

Cavanaugh, James. "YPS holding forums for superintendent search."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 5, 2009, sec. Education.
Pubic invited to give input on candidate profile.

DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run eyes budget deficit."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Mar. 4, 2009, sec. Education.
School closings and teacher layoffs in plan to fix budget.

DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run to decide on phone notification system."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Feb. 12, 2009, sec. Education.
$2,000 - $3,000 package would keep parents in the loop about district, students.

Cavanaugh, Jim. "Ypsi Schools look at new superintendent process."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 27, 2009, sec. Education.
District looks forward to filling vacant post.

DuChene, Dan. "Weather causes Lincoln floodings."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 27, 2009, sec. Education.
Board meets at Childs to discuss changes in kindergarten program.

DuChene, Dan. "Ypsilanti Schools go with union labor, despite higher cost."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 13, 2009, sec. Education.
Changing from lowest bid for bond work raises new estimate to $3.95 million.


DuChene, Dan. "Ypsi Schools takes first step in selecting superintendent."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Jan. 13, 2009, sec. Education.
Michigan Association of School Boards chosen to help find Hawkins’ replacement.

DuChene, Dan. "Willow Run discusses budget problems."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 22, 2008, sec. Education.
Board talks cuts, new revenue, deficit elimination.

DuChene, Dan. "Packed room gives heat at Willow Run Board."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 19, 2008, sec. Education.
Parents, teachers speak out against adminstration, board members.

DuChene, Dan. "Ypsilanti student writes on King, wins contest."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 18, 2008, sec. Education.
Fifth grader to sit with EMU President at MLK Day lunch.

DuChene, Dan. "YPS Budget problems discussed."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 10, 2008, sec. Education.
Despite cuts, declining revenues force smaller fund balance.

DuChene, Dan. "Ypsilanti schools considers video policy."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Dec. 10, 2008, sec. Education.
Board discusses placing cameras in bathrooms, locker rooms.

DuChene, Dan. "Large projects in EMU's future."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 18, 2008, sec. Education.

DuChene, Dan. "Ypsi Schools' new buses on way."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 11, 2008, sec. Education.

Ypsilanti Historical Society

Laughren, Christine. " Lincoln plays host to ECA meetings."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Nov. 8, 2008, sec. Education.

Laughren, Christine. "Presentations made at Kaiser Elementary ."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 23, 2008, sec. Education.

DuChene, Dan. "Lincoln examines test scores."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 15, 2008, sec. Education.

DuChene, Dan. "Lincoln moves elections."
Ypsilanti Citizen [Ypsilanti] Oct. 15, 2008, sec. Education.

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